Our Story

We are The StoreHouse, a social enterprise that is committed to reducing food insecurity in our local communities. When you shop at The StoreHouse you are partnering with us to see food insecurity in Australia reduced.
Food insecurity defines a spectrum of circumstances that ranges from occasional anxiety over accessing food to going without food altogether.

Shop at The StoreHouse

The StoreHouse is open to EVERYONE. We offer a large range of high quality products at discount prices, making every dollar go further. And the best part – you can shop knowing you are helping other Australian families while shopping for yours.




Supporting our Local Community

Total Community Impact $1,288,247 (As of September 2020)


Together, we’ve saved people over.                            Together, we’ve donated over

   $998,247                                     $290,000


How it works

We encourage everyone in our local communities to shop at The StoreHouse and partner with our vision of reducing food insecurity in Australian communities.


Emergency Food Relief (EFR)

We understand there are a number of people and families who can’t afford to purchase groceries at all, so we have EFR centres set up in each location to offer families and individuals access to free food.


Local Charities

The Storehouse supports a number of charities that work with the most vulnerable people groups in our local communities. Our heart is to help those who need it most and empowering incredible local charities to continue their work is one of our top priorities. This ranges from emergency relief to ongoing programs and services. During the COVID-19 pandemic this has remained a top priority for us and between March 2020 and July 2020 we’ve been able to provide support which has a combined total dollar value of over $137,000. Thank you to our amazing customers!


Help end food insecurity


More than four million Australians (18%) have experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months*


Three in 10 Australians experiencing food insecurity attribute living on a low income or pension as the main reason they are unable to afford enough food*


Children represent 22% of all food-insecure Australians*

*Source: 2018 Foodbank Hunger Report